Sun for All

We have developed two innovative products and doing sales and marketing of same through direct sales and through our partners..…We welcome channel/business partners Sun for All .This is innovative solar thermal processor with several domestic and commercial applications. This innovative device convert solar energy into heat energy. This product is very efficient and also very economical viz a viz products available in the market. As name suggests Sun for All is truly affordable solar water heater for all classes of society.

Features … Very economical, Longlife, Easy to Install, Storage not compulsory, Option to increase/decrease capacity, Fast heat transfer, Multiple Usage, Save cooking gas and Electricity

WE(Waste to Earning)

WE(Waste to Earning) is WE( Waste to Earning)…. This product is a Solid Wet Waste Processor. This product is an alternative to composting . Composting is widely promoted by various government and non government entities very aggressively but as composting is complex process with non commercial output its acceptability is still low. Our product turn waste into commercial profitable output in mere five days.

Features,,,, Save money on waste disposal, Fast and easy process, Almost nil involvement, No bugs no smell, Saleable output like waste papers, Freedom from giving waste everyday, Economical and user friendly device, Long life. Black to Blue :- This is mission to turn the dirtiest black water into cleanest blue water. We provide consultation and joint operations for revival of polluted water bodies, river rejuvenation, water harvesting and water quality improvement techniques.